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What People Say

Soulroots Moss art was founded on a love for the outdoors and the desire to reconnect people with their natural world. Inspired by nature, green wall art and biophilic design increases our connection to nature by bringing the beauty and energy of the forest indoors.


Ashley McIntosh

Since hiring Soulroots to design a large piece for my home, I'm having trouble stopping myself from having every wall covered with her beautiful art


Adriana Martin

Soulroots you did an amazing job! Your design & selection of materials is beautiful and brings a sense of warmth and serenity to my space. Thank you


Jennifer Z

Love the pieces of moss art you designed for my front foyer! They're the first thing you see when you walk in our front door

Lori Steeves,  owner and creative director simple home decorating

“As a North Vancouver based Interior Design Firm, Simply Home Decorating is always excited to collaborate with Soulroots Moss Arts to design the perfect pieces for our discerning clients. We pride ourselves on supporting passionate and talented local artists and makers. Ann Marie always comes to the table with creative solutions and creates beautiful, unique pieces for our client projects.


Nothing says “British Columbia” like rich green mosses and ferns. Soulroots pieces are lush, bursting with high quality preserved moss and other natural elements that breathe life into a space promoting a feeling of peace and well-being. Best of all, our busy clients never have to worry about maintaining the pieces because they are completely maintenance free. We highly recommend working with Soul Roots Moss Arts to bring the outdoors into any space. .

moss centrepiece

Andrea Clark, owner nectar yoga

Truthfully, Soulroots Moss Art doesn’t need a written testimonial. Just by looking at Ann Maries beautiful creations, the viewer can see the beauty, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and deep care that it embedded in each unique creation. Her work is stunning and is one of the best selling items at our boutique. Ann Marie is a pleasure to work with, responsive, kind, an overall great human. I highly recommend!

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